How To Clean Your Dryer & How Often You Should Do It

How To Clean Your Dryer & How Often You Should Do It

Washers and dryers can be a hassle to work with, but they are a necessity. Something that you might not often consider is that your dryer needs to be regularly cleaned in order for it to function properly. Learn essential tips and tricks to keep your home appliance running smoothly and schedule an appointment for dryer repair with the team at SOCO Appliance Repair in Colorado Springs today!

A dirty dryer lint screen

Clean Your Lint Screen

Something that you should be doing before or after every load in order to ensure that your dryer stays in working order is clearing the lint screen. This is generally located in the front of the dryer, and it builds up lint and debris with every drying cycle. If this becomes clogged up, your loads will not be drying efficiently.

A small vacuum cleaner

Your Vacuum Is Your Friend

While simply wiping down vents and filters is a good way to perform regular maintenance on your dryer unit, there is no substitute for a vacuum. A thorough cleaning using a vacuum will help you pick up dust and debris that might otherwise go unnoticed and uncleaned when you are cleaning your dryer.

Person clearing out dryer

Interior Cleaning

At least once a month, you should take the time to clean the interior of your dryer. While much of the dust and debris is caught in the filter, there may still be some residue buildup that can often go unnoticed. Paying careful attention to the cleanliness of your dryer’s interior can help prevent malfunction and unpleasant odors.

An open dryer with a towel


Your dryer works hard year-round. During this time, it will build up dust and debris in its vents. This can cause it not to function properly. That is why it is crucial to clean your dryer vents at least once a year. This will extend the life of your appliance and ensure that your clothes are efficiently dried every time.

If you follow these easy steps, you can both extend the life of your home appliance and ensure that it is getting your loads dried efficiently with every cycle. If you are in need of dryer repair services in Colorado Springs, be sure that you work with the best when you schedule an appointment with SOCO Appliance Repair today!